Tuesday, July 24, 2018

6 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Visit Ghana

The West African countries of Ghana and Nigeria have an ongoing rivalry between them akin to that of siblings. From football, to politics, to entertainment, citizens of each country always want to demonstrate their superiority over the other, howbeit not in a hateful or biased manner. It is always more bants than facts. There have been several episodes, of ‘social media wars’ or ‘Twitter Fights’ between citizens of both countries that leaves us all clutching our stomach with laughter. Through it all though, it is obvious that it is all love and sport.

In this post, we attempt to give reasons why Nigerians, despite the rivalry with their Ghanian counterparts, should visit the Gold Coast. Just like Nigeria, Ghana is rich in history, mineral resources, culture, tradition and places of interest to see and visit.

Many Nigerians do not even know that in Ghana you have Hausa and Fulani speaking people like there are in Nigeria.

Ghanians are like cousins to Nigerians. Visiting Ghana for a Nigerian is like visiting your cousins for holiday. There are lots you share in common, but somehow you all still do things differently. Case in point, the jollof. When Nigerians visit Ghana there is an air of familiarity about the place, some lingo and slangs are commonly used, but their pidgin is still very confusing.

Shitor. Banku. Waakye. Jollof. The list is endless really. Ghanian cuisine can be a joy to experience and even though the eternal battle over whose jollof is better still rages on, no Nigerian should visit Ghana without tasting the jollof. Ghanaian food is actually so popular in Nigeria that there are bukas and restaurants in Lagos dedicated to selling just Ghanaian meals. The most popular among them is Ghana High.

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale is Ghana’s biggest music sensation at the moment. And only recently he has had a war of words with Nigerian pop artistes on social media. As long as you are not one to take these things too seriously, visiting Ghana to see a Shatta Wale show should be on your list of things to do, at least that way you can see what the hype is about yourself and tell if he is as great as he says he really is.

Ghana is blessed with such an impressive stretch of beach line. If you are tired of the Elegushi and Oniru beaches of Lagos, switch it up by exploring the coastline of Labadi and Kobrobite. If you are enthusiastic about wildlife, visit the Cocoloco beach where you would find turtles and a large number of river birds. Beach Resorts in Ghana are beautiful and spending a night or more in one of them would greatly enrich your Ghana experience. Hospitality in Ghana is amazing with big establishments and accra hotels offering top notch service to travelers.

Charle Wote
We have Calabar Carnival. They have Charle Wote. This annual street cum art festival does get bigger and better every year with amazing exhibitions, musical performances, art installations, food,  merchandise vendors as well as live music and dance that goes on well into the night. For anyone who enjoys having a good time, when in Ghana, Charle Wote is a must attend.

Nigerian Community
There is a perpetually growing Nigerian community in Ghana and visiting Ghana would definitely feel like home. It wont be long before you notice the familiar accent of a Nigerian, no matter where he is from back home and quickly tag them as your brother or your sister. Especially in Ghanian Universities where many Nigerians turn to as an alternative to schooling in Europe or right here at home.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Before 2015, nobody would have known what freelancing was going to become in future for Nigerians until President Buhari was elected into power.

The turn of events that followed made it even worse for the present government and today, freelancers in Nigeria are benefiting from it.

Oil prices nosedived to an all-time low because Iran came back from sanctions, the market became saturated, and the US started producing its oil.

Internally, Nigeria began fighting the Niger-Delta militants who utterly destroyed federal government and individual oil properties in the South-South.

Desperate times they say calls for drastic measures. The government with a shortage of Forex and in it's bid to curb the excess demand for Forex by Nigerians decided to ban certain goods and services from accessing Forex and from being imported into the country.

This move, furthermore raised inflation prices, and the hunt for dollars became a real deal.

Freelancers who earn foreign exchange became better for it. A Freelancer who use to exchange his $100 for N160/$ before 2015, was now trading it for N500/$ which is about a 205% increase.

New brands of millionaires started to emerge owing to the fall of the Nigerian currency. Today we find more Nigerians on Freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and People per hour offering one service or the other in the hope of cashing in on the downward spiral of the Naira.

The fall of the Naira has all been helped by politicians who refused to accept defeat in the 2015 election, thereby sponsoring some of the attacks on the Niger Delta oil. APC and PDP politicians contributed to the decline in several ways, but mostly because some of those who put Nigeria in this position from PDP jumped ship to APC as soon as they won the general election.

It was also because te previous government failed to save when oil prices were $200+ plus per barrel.

We are now in the world of Freelancers offering digital marketing, socialmedia management, email marketing, graphics design, writing, and translations, etc.

Some of these Freelancers have gone on to become overnight millionaires with the digital skill that would have been worthless assuming everything I mentioned didn't happen.

Saturday, October 21, 2017



The growth of cyber security has been electrifying these few years, but it didn't come without some measure of worst things as well.
For cyber security professionals, building a better defense system becomes a priority as cyber criminals are becoming smarter by the day.
Since mobile app came into play, it is no longer a level playing field for both professionals and criminals. 2016 will no doubt remind us of the potential cyber security possess to become a leading force in any economy, likewise, we are hoping our 2018 predictions will be a good bet for it.

Legislation to protect our security

In the era of IoT, privacy will be a thing of the past as critical data about individual persons and companies will be breached leaving no holds barred. Corporate data like emails of top CEOs can be sold on the black market from an intense data theft. The consequences can be disastrous that is why punitive legislative laws need to be in place to curb that.

Digital Kidnapping with Occur

Following the course of 2016 where an estimated $800 million was lost to cyber criminals, it is will be bigger and more immense this year. More people and organization will be attacked with the threat of their sensitive been leaked online for a ransom. It is a play that has always worked too well and is expected to increase.

NLP and ML seemed like Calvary has arrived

The rise of Natural Language processing (NLP) and Machine learning (ML) in teaching people how to be conversant with conversational bots will only be hijacked by hackers who will see them as tools to cause more mayhem through phishing and sending of malicious contents to unsecured users of such type of data. The automated efforts of these hackers will be as close to having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which could mean cybercrimes on a high note level.

IoT can mean doom

Internet of things (IoT) is believed to be free on the internet, but that freedom is tied to security lapses as millions of devices get connected. The downside side is, from a single insecure device, hackers can gain entry in any system and bring an entire organization down. This is the real nightmare for security professionals.

Mobile threats are trashy

Leaving the development of mobile platforms in the hands of third parties has its consequences. It has resulted in serious attacks on mobile platforms and there is more on the way to come. Mobile security is supposed to defend us and not make us vulnerable to sensitive information leak or comprise of our health data.

DDoS attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) will only keep rising with more requests sent to compromised systems that can bring them down. The age IoT devices mean more vulnerable systems will be manipulated until the systems shut down one after the other with no reprisal from security law enforcement agencies.

Big data is here to save us

Security analyst does not seem to keep a trail of the activities of hacker online, simply because a number of activities going on the internet are quite enormous. Big data analytics systems are hoping to open and show security analyst hackers patterns of operation using their immense data storage capacity and more technical systems in place.

How will all this have an effect on all that will happen in the future? For one, nobody is safe and nothing is certain anymore even our electoral laws and security can be manipulated in the near future.

Monday, July 17, 2017

8 Mistakes You Should Not Make As An Afilliate Marketer

Over the years, I have made several mistakes in online businesses especially affiliate marketing. One of the most profitable, legitimate and a longtime online business that you can indulge in in 2017 is affiliate marketing

For newbies that do not know what affiliate marketing is. The ideology of affiliate marketing is simple. Eg you sell a product, I get you buyers, and you pay me a commission for every single sale I brought to you. There are hundreds of millions of products to promote in the various affiliate market places, and your target audience is the billions of people that use the internet daily.

Starting up as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, below are some of the mistakes I made that I want you to avoid.

1. Planning:

Before implementing any strategy in affiliate marketing, planning is essential. You need to have a clear picture of what you want to do. What I mean is that, if for example, I want to promote a product, search for my target buyers and define a clear picture of the promotional method I will use for that audience. When I was a newbie in affiliate marketing, I only promote whatever appeals to me to whomever I can reach.

Remember the 6p formula. Proper prior planning prevents poor performance. The 90/10 rule says that the 10% of the time you spend in planning saves 90% of the time and effort. Planning is critical to your success

2. Search Engines Are Enemies:

Search engines are some of the best things that have ever happened to the internet. They have made the internet a real global village. They provide valuable resources instantly and different solutions to a particular problem.

From my experience, they have a major shortcoming, for anybody that wants to make money online, search engines are time wasters. They are outstanding in supplying crappy information that looks like Gold from the surface. It usually takes about a period of 2years before you know that you have been digging on craps. The result is that you will start suffering from a common online sickness called “Information Overload.” The primary symptoms of this illness is that it will make you think you have known everything about a particular business but it can never realize into monetary value (I mean what you have been learning can’t make you money)

3. Squeeze Page is A Key

Starting up in affiliate marketing in Nigeria, I was sending traffic directly to affiliate offers. This strategy contradicts the internet marketing philosophy that says “the money is in the list.” To make real money in affiliate marketing, you need to build an email list of potential buyers.

By creating a list, you already have an audience to market various products too. Remember the important 20/80 rule: this rule states that, 20% of the customers make 80% of the sale. Put in other words, 20% of the effort yields 80% of your result.

I only mean that a certain percentage of your list will trust you and keeps buying the products you recommend to them.

4. Take Your Affiliate Marketing Business Serious

When I started as an affiliate marketer, I felt busy doing things that were paying less and thinks that I do not have 1-3 hours daily to do the affiliate marketing that was paying more. It is just like a young child telling you that he is too busy doing a 50k job and will not have 1-3hours to sacrifice for a 300k job.

You have to take your business seriously and treat it like a business just like you will do to other offline activities.

5. Traffic

Traffic is of different quality. 100 visits from high-quality traffic site are better than 2000 visits from a low-quality traffic site. Your traffic should be both qualitative and highly targeted. My initial source of affiliate traffic was from file sharing directories. They have some of the cheapest traffic that does not convert. When I was a newbie, I calculated traffic by volume, not quality. It is later on that I realized that the quality has a better impact on my bank account.

6. Review What You Are Promoting

Your email list subscribers must be treated with love and respect. Only promote products that you are sure will add value to them. Starting as a newbie affiliate marketer, I developed products based on how appealing the sales page is to me. Unfortunately, most of those products with better sales pages were craps.

Ask the vendor/publisher for a review copy of the product or search for reviews about the product on forums. Read people’s feedbacks and ask the vendor few questions to see if he will respond. If he responds within 24-48hours, you are ready to go. The reason why you need to ask the vendor a few question is to be sure when your customers have challenge he will attend to them.

7. You Need A Guardian/Mentor

The truth about affiliate marketing is that you need a lucky insider to walk you through the inside. Without a mentor/guardian, the inside is dark. The greatest mistake I made in affiliate marketing was starting without a mentor. I spent my first 2years in affiliate marketing with only three sales of sixty dollars to show for the 2years. I wanted to give up at a time because I felt I have learned everything about affiliate marketing and it is not paying. I never knew that if a strategy makes much Money, they do not find their way to google and other search engines.

I started seeing a significant difference in affiliate marketing when I decided to get a coach, a coach that is making the type of commissions I want to make. Although I spent much of his course, I now make much more than what I spent in a single day.

Hold on to me if you want to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria and you will celebrate in 2017.

8. Think Globally

When starting up as an affiliate marketer, I had a Nigerian mentality. Anything that I felt as a Nigerian I will not buy, I use to think the rest of the world will also not buy. A typical example is that when I started as an affiliate marketer, I do not promote products on dog training and other related courses. But after a little more exposure to the global audience, I decided to give such courses a trial. The truth is that I have made some of my best affiliate commissions promoting dog training on dog training forums. My advice is to un-cap the Nigerian mentality and think globally.


These are some of the mistakes I made when I started as an affiliate marketer that I do not want you to go.
There is no better time to start an online business than now; this is because if you are waiting for the right time, you will end up never starting. Remember the famous adage that says "Goods tidings go to the people who hustle while they await it." start your affiliate marketing business today.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How To Reorientate Nigerians Using Evans The Kidnap Kingpin

The recent capture of  Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, alias Evans, a kidnap kingpin in Nigeria, who collects as much as $2million from his victim families before their eventual release has clogged the cyberspace of Nigeria for some time now.

Everyday revelations keep coming up about his events, from; where he keeps his victims, how he operates, his associates, where Evans gets his arms and the types of properties in he owns while on this kidnapping business. The last has not been heard about the billionaire kidnapper Evans.

He terrorized families of different kinds and expatriates as well, from Americans, Lebanese, Nigerians(mostly of Igbo extraction) and the communities where he operates, like; lagos (Igando, Festac, Magodo), Onitsha, Enugu etc where it was reported he keeps his victims in some of the houses he owns. He used expensive gadgets like Ventura phone that makes it impossible for him to traced and thereby making it difficult for the Nigerian police to track him.

As usual, stories like this start from a child who was born into abject poverty, while his father had three wives; his mom and dad separated, and he was left with his grandmother and mother to take care of him. From there on he moved to the city involving himself in a life of crime.

So far so good, the Nigerian police have run a good PR on him with the help of the media, and I must commend them. It helps when stories like this filter through the country to assist those who have resolved to a life of crime to have a rethink and ask themselves if it is all worth it?


All the wealth Evans acquired as a kidnapper will now be stripped from him, he will also be in jail with common criminals for a long time. It goes with the famous adage " every day for the thief, one day for the owner. " I believe wherever he is right now, he must be regretting the life of crime he chose.

Poverty is not enough to delve into a world of crime. Excuses don't justify any form of the offense.

He has come out together with his family to beg Nigerians for forgiveness and a second chance. While some Nigerians have raised a hashtag #freevans as a solidarity to his plight and that of his family. They didn't however, take into consideration the number of families he has held under much more suffering and pain when they couldn't find their loved ones. Therefore that hashtag doesn't justify anything, he is going to face the full wrath of the law.

I want to believe the authorities can do more. I would like Evans to be taken to our schools and tertiary institutions since he said he seeks to be an anti-kidnapping ambassador, where Evans can talk to young boys and girls about kidnapping and other crimes and why it doesn't pay to live a life of the offense before he is taken to jail finally. The police can cash in on the hype even though it exposes him for escape,  it would be worth it in the long run.

I for one is tired of reading about children from poor families going into crime while the same set of people are successful in different Fields of endeavor.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Politics Of Issues Not Ideas

My last two posts have been centered on secessionist and the development of the southeast of Nigeria, but today, I am writing about Nigerian politics and lifestyle in the form of why our politics is always centered on issues rather than ideas?

What are an issue and idea?  According to the English dictionary, an issue is a" situation or event that is thought about" while an idea is " the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about."

The reason I brought up this topic is, over the years in this country Nigeria, we have seen countless stories that are some of its own personal issues trends and make headlines while important ideas that affect us as a country are swept under the carpet. These problems are mostly centered on things that divide us like religion, ethnicity and resource control.

In this same country, we have dealt with Niger-delta militants, Boko Haram and now Fulani herdsmen. We have also dealt and still dealing with the issue of Biafra and why it is wrong for Arewa and Odua Congress to have supported the declaration for the eviction of Igbos in the main parts of the country.

In dealings with issues as such, we have gone on to talk about how Saraki is working with the  PDP and how Dino Melaye Insulted Oluremi Tinubu and the list goes on and on....  But we have never talked about our Education sector and the ways to better equip our children to stand out in this 21st century.

If you go to our schools today, you will find out we are still recycling graduates of the 1980s in 2017. How?  Lecturers and teachers are not updated, some of them use text materials from 20 years ago, and nobody is talking about it. Term papers and projects are frats with plagiarism from the internet and lecturers don't care because they will never go through the stress of allowing students to submit assignments online where it can be quickly checked for plagiarism. If we can't make our graduates be able to think on their own, how do we then create idealist and innovators out of this generation?

We have also not talked about healthcare and why there are incessant strikes by doctors over the years and how this has affected our health care economy. We do not even look at the structures to find out if the primary healthcare centers and general hospitals are well equipped to cater for the common man or if it needs restructuring. Rather, we are more interested in the ethnicity of the next Nigeria president.

There reason great nations like US, UK, Germany, China are what they are today is that of ideas. Ideas will make us innovative and make us surmount any economic depression like the US, and the world did after 2008.

There are lots of issues to talk about with little ideas been brought up in the political policy, and that is wrong. When you see Americans debate about politics, they want to know what and what the government is doing to better their lives and not necessarily the skin color of the president as at that time. I pray we get it right in this country and I hope we do.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nigeria's Secessionist And The Northern Youth Forum Declaration

 The news of the likelihood of Nigeria to divide has been hovering over the Internet and cyberspace for some years now. The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) led by its leader Nnamdi Kanu recently held a "sit at home " protest on the 30th of May of this year. To mourn their past heroes who were killed during the Nigerian-Biafra civil war of 1967, to remind the government of their continued marginalization and their right to seek self-determination as a country.

Following this event, 19 northern youth groups of the Arewa faction, came together to make a declaration and giving an ultimatum to the easterners living in the north to leave in three months time or otherwise be liable to whatever happens to them. In the same, vain it called on northerners living in the southeast to come back home signally a form of war.

This is all happening following where the southeast representatives in the lower house of assembly were clamoring for a southeast development commission to curb the continued negligence by the FG.

The declaration by Arewa Youth is a new twist to the tale. If you have lived in the north of Nigeria, this statement is a call for great concern as the North are not as learned as the rest of Nigeria. In fact, it was why Boko Haram became a stronghold in that region before it was defeated. The illiteracy level is so high that a radio program in their native language which is mostly said Hausa could trigger a chain reaction from the masses to the south-easterners living in that region.  It has happened countless of times in the past, and it wouldn't be a new thing anymore if it happens, as almost every Northerner has a radio.

The authorities in Kaduna where this declaration was made should sit up, as this statement is not only inciting a crisis but also trying to deny a section of people their fundamental right to free movement and living in any part of the country. This declaration makes Kanu's declaration for a sit at home for any south easterner in the country on May 30th look like a child's play. The people that made this speech should be arrested for trying to disintegrate Nigeria. We have enough on our hands than to let miscreants turn this thing into a street fight.

The fact that Nigeria is a multi-cultural country with almost 250 ethnic groups shouldn't give any major ethnic group the right to drive a particular tribe of the country from their region. Why then do we complain when South-Africans do that to Nigerians?  For all, it is worth the IPOB group had never incited anyone to violence, even when their leader was in jail. So why would a youth wing of a reputable organization like Arewa have utter such?

IPOB are only seeking self-determination, and that on its own is not a crime.
The main body of Arewa have come out to say that the youth do not speak for the north, that alone is enough to make me shiver because the message is out there whether they refute it or not, it should never have been spoken!

6 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Visit Ghana

The West African countries of Ghana and Nigeria have an ongoing rivalry between them akin to that of siblings. From football, to politics,...