8 Mistakes You Should Not Make As An Afilliate Marketer

Over the years, I have made several mistakes in online businesses especially affiliate marketing. One of the most profitable, legitimate and a longtime online business that you can indulge in in 2017 is affiliate marketing

For newbies that do not know what affiliate marketing is. The ideology of affiliate marketing is simple. Eg you sell a product, I get you buyers, and you pay me a commission for every single sale I brought to you. There are hundreds of millions of products to promote in the various affiliate market places, and your target audience is the billions of people that use the internet daily.

Starting up as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, below are some of the mistakes I made that I want you to avoid.

1. Planning:

Before implementing any strategy in affiliate marketing, planning is essential. You need to have a clear picture of what you want to do. What I mean is that, if for example, I want to promote a product, search for my target buyers and define a clear picture of the p…

How To Reorientate Nigerians Using Evans The Kidnap Kingpin

The recent capture of  Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, alias Evans, a kidnap kingpin in Nigeria, who collects as much as $2million from his victim families before their eventual release has clogged the cyberspace of Nigeria for some time now.

Everyday revelations keep coming up about his events, from; where he keeps his victims, how he operates, his associates, where Evans gets his arms and the types of properties in he owns while on this kidnapping business. The last has not been heard about the billionaire kidnapper Evans.

He terrorized families of different kinds and expatriates as well, from Americans, Lebanese, Nigerians(mostly of Igbo extraction) and the communities where he operates, like; lagos (Igando, Festac, Magodo), Onitsha, Enugu etc where it was reported he keeps his victims in some of the houses he owns. He used expensive gadgets like Ventura phone that makes it impossible for him to traced and thereby making it difficult for the Nigerian police to track him.

As usual, stori…

Politics Of Issues Not Ideas

My last two posts have been centered on secessionist and the development of the southeast of Nigeria, but today, I am writing about Nigerian politics and lifestyle in the form of why our politics is always centered on issues rather than ideas?

What are an issue and idea?  According to the English dictionary, an issue is a" situation or event that is thought about" while an idea is " the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about."

The reason I brought up this topic is, over the years in this country Nigeria, we have seen countless stories that are some of its own personal issues trends and make headlines while important ideas that affect us as a country are swept under the carpet. These problems are mostly centered on things that divide us like religion, ethnicity and resource control.

In this same country, we have dealt with Niger-delta militants, Boko Haram and now Fulani herdsmen. We have also dealt and still dealing with the issue of Biafra and wh…

Nigeria's Secessionist And The Northern Youth Forum Declaration

The news of the likelihood of Nigeria to divide has been hovering over the Internet and cyberspace for some years now. The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) led by its leader Nnamdi Kanu recently held a "sit at home " protest on the 30th of May of this year. To mourn their past heroes who were killed during the Nigerian-Biafra civil war of 1967, to remind the government of their continued marginalization and their right to seek self-determination as a country.

Following this event, 19 northern youth groups of the Arewa faction, came together to make a declaration and giving an ultimatum to the easterners living in the north to leave in three months time or otherwise be liable to whatever happens to them. In the same, vain it called on northerners living in the southeast to come back home signally a form of war.

This is all happening following where the southeast representatives in the lower house of assembly were clamoring for a southeast development commission to curb the c…

Southeast Nigeria Development Quagmire

Recently a bill for the establishment of the Southeast development commission was rejected by the house of representatives for carrying a divisive agenda. Sponsors of the bill maintain the law was intended to compensate the southeast aftermath of the civil war in 1970 as nothing has been done for the region since then, but pure neglect on the part of the FG. This bill helps to solve that problem and probably kill the increasing agitation of people of the southeast for their own sovereign state.

There are arguments for and against this said bill, but the major aspect I will consider first is that it is going to be funded by the federal government. This is not a welcome development at all.
 I also want to ask a question before I continue on this topic. If every region in this country Nigeria gets a development commission, what is then the job of the states, the ministries, and government parastatals?

This only brings to the fore the incessant call for the restructuring of Nigeria. Followi…